Shipping a motorcycle can be a tricky task, especially if you don’t have experience handling such moves before. While you may be tempted to do it yourself to save money, using a transportation broker comes with several advantages that make the overall process much smoother.

Dealing with Regulations

Transporting a motorcycle across state lines often requires permits and paperwork. Regulations vary depending on the route, cargo and vehicle being transported. A transportation broker knows the ins and outs of all regulations and has experience obtaining the necessary documents. This saves you a lot of hassle and avoids potential delays or fines from incorrect permits.

Hazardous Material Documentation

  • Gas tanks may need to be drained or cargo secured in a certain way as per regulations.
  • Brokers ensure all documentation is proper as motorcycles contain batteries, fluids etc. that are considered hazardous materials.

Booking Reliable Carriers

A broker has established relationships with multiple certified carriers who can transport your motorcycle safely and on time. When moving it yourself, you don’t have access to large trailers, dollies, equipment or expertise that professional carriers have. A broker assigns the load to an experienced carrier based on your delivery timeframe.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Professional carriers have closed trailers, straps, padding etc. to ensure your motorcycle isn’t damaged during transit. They know how to safely load and unload different vehicle types. Doing it yourself risks using improper equipment and techniques that could damage the bike.

Insurance and Liability Coverage

Working with a broker provides cargo insurance as well as liability waivers in case of accidents during transport. If you move it yourself without proper commercial coverage, you’d be responsible for any losses or damages. A broker’s carrier insurance protects your motorcycle and covers third-party damages if an incident occurs.

Valuable Cargo is Secure

Especially for expensive bikes, the insurance coverage gives peace of mind. Brokers often provide full replacement value protection unlike basic self-drive coverages, so your investment is fully protected.

Freight Tracking and Delivery updates

A broker provides real-time load tracking through their logistics technology. They can see the scheduled routing as well as communicate with the carrier about delays. They pass timely status updates to you. Doing it yourself means no tracking and uncertainty about delivery dates and times.

Problem Resolution Support

In case of unforeseen issues like delays, damages etc. brokers have experience to liaise with carriers, file claims and resolve problems for you. You don’t have to handle stressful situations alone when using their services.

Competitive Pricing

With large freight volumes, brokers negotiate lower rates with carriers than individuals can. Also, full-trailer load pricing is cheaper than hiring one for a single bike. Add broker fees, and overall rates are still lower than piece-mealing a self-drive move. You save money and time versus doing it alone.

In summary, motorcylce transportation requires special expertise for safe, legal transport. Using a broker takes the hassle and risk out of moving your bike. Their services are well worth it for the complete door-to-door solution and protection for your valuable vehicle.