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Cheap Door to Door Car Transport – How to save money on auto shipping

Moving a car from one city or state to another can often be stressful and costly. However, with proper planning and choosing the right transport company, you can save a decent amount on auto shipping costs. In this article, we will dive deeper into how to find cheap door to door car transport options.

Understanding Your Transport Needs

Determine Origin and Destination The first step is figuring out where you need your car transported from and to. Having the exact origin and destination address handy will help you get accurate quotes. Things to note are:

  • Pickup city, state and full address
  • Drop off city, state and full address

Pickup and Delivery Date Next, pin down your preferred pickup and delivery dates. Most auto transport companies will need at least a week’s advance notice. However, some last minute options may be available for an additional fee.

Enclosed or Open Transport Decide if your car needs to be shipped enclosed or can travel on an open car hauler. While enclosed is more secure, it typically costs more. Open transport is fine for newer vehicles in good condition.

Additional Services Think about add-ons like expedited delivery, liftgate service, convenience delivery etc. that may be needed. Such extras usually increase the overall rate.

Get Competitive Quotes

With the transport details sorted, it’s time to shop around for quotes. Here are some reliable ways to find and compare auto shipping companies:

Online Auto Transport Marketplaces Reputable sites like uShip, Shiply, etc. allow you to get binding quotes from multiple verified carriers in your area. You can filter by rates, reviews, services etc.

Direct Carrier Websites Check the websites of large national carriers like uShip, Montway, Viking, Sherpa etc. Input your details to see estimated rates. Some even offer online booking.

Local Movers and Transport Brokers Local moving companies and auto transport brokers can handle door to door shipping within their network. Contact a few for customized quotes.

Social proof and Reviews
Thoroughly research any company you’re considering by checking sites like Google, Facebook, BBB etc. for customer feedback and resolution history. Avoid companies with many unresolved complaints.

Negotiate Rates and Secure the Best Deal

Once you have 3-4 competitive quotes in hand, it’s time to negotiate and seal the best price. Here are some effective tactics:

Bundle Services Inquire if bundling enclosed transport with addons like expedited delivery gets a package discount. Companies often offer combo deals.

Ask for Discounts Politely request if there’s any room to lower the quoted rate, especially for last minute bookings. Mention competitor quotes to leverage a better deal.

Pay Online or Upfront Offering to pay the non-refundable deposit or full payment online right away can motivate some flexibility on rates.

Multiple Vehicles Transport Transporting 2-3 vehicles together from the same origin usually merits a discount versus shipping individually.

Timing of Move Rates fluctuate depending on the busy season. You may find better rates for off-peak dates like mid-week pickups.

With a bit of back-and-forth, it’s possible to bring the best quote down by 5-15%, delivering real savings on auto transport costs. Book only with a reputable company once you settle on the most affordable option.

Additional Money Saving Tips

  • Consider transporting yourself or with a friend in a vehicle carrier trailer/dolly if moving within 500 miles. Tools Rental shops have affordable rental options.
  • Use auto transport shuttle services in busy corridors like California-Texas, New York-Florida etc. which offer cheaper group transport versus private operators.
  • Sell or store your vehicle temporarily at origin and purchase another at destination to avoid relocation costs if the one-way distance is large. May work out cheaper in the long run.
  • Check carrier membership programs offering discounts to regular customers who ship multiple times a year. Annual memberships could offset some costs with a few moves.
  • See if your employer, alumni association, insurance, Auto club, Costco membership provides any associate auto transport discounts with preferred partners.
  • Enrolling your vehicle in an open-access Toll Pass program saves fuel surcharges if carriers need to move it through many toll roads in enclosed transport.

Following this comprehensive guide should help lower your out-of-pocket expense when transporting a vehicle door-to-door cross country or to another city. With patience and research, it is possible to trim hundreds off estimated auto moving bills. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!