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How are snowbirds getting their cars to Florida?

The arrival of winter marks the beginning of the migration season for snowbirds. As freezing temperatures settle across northern states, thousands of retirees and seasonal residents head south towards warmer climates Car Shipped To Another State.

Many consider Florida to be their winter home away from home. However, getting there with all their belongings, especially their vehicle, can be a challenge. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the various options snowbirds consider to transport their cars to the Sunshine State.

Driving Down: The Do-It-Yourself Approach

For many snowbirds, loading up their car and undertaking the long drive south is the most straightforward way to get their vehicle to Florida. According to estimates, over 60% of seasonal residents choose to make the drive themselves. Here are some of the key considerations for those opting for the DIY car transport approach:

  • Route Planning: Snowbirds must carefully plan their route, accounting for road conditions, traffic patterns, and distance between stopovers. Popular routes include following I-95 along the east coast or taking I-75/I-10 through the central states Car Shipped To Another State.
  • Vehicle Prep: Vehicles need to be in good mechanical condition to withstand a multi-day journey. Essentials like tires, fluids, batteries should be recently replaced or checked. Emergency kits with supplies are a must-have.
  • Plenty of Stopovers: The nearly 1,000+ mile drive from northern states shouldn’t be rushed. Multiple rest stops are required every 6-8 hours to avoid exhaustion. Pet-friendly motels and restaurants are booked in advance.
  • Driving Conditions: Winter weather in the north can impact road conditions and reduce visibility. Snowbirds leave extra early or postpone the trip if a major storm is expected. Southern routes are preferred for less snow/ice.

While a road trip allows snowbirds bonding time in their own vehicle, it requires physical and mental preparation for nearly 2 full days of continuous driving. Safety should be the top concern given long hours on the road.

Shipping by Auto Transport

For snowbirds not wanting the driving hassle or those with physical limitations, auto transport is a popular option to get vehicles delivered to warmer locations. Here are some key things to know about auto transport services:

Types of Transport

  • Open Transport: Cars are secured but exposed to elements during the trip. Cheapest option but most prone to damage risks from weather.
  • Enclosed Transport: Fully enclosed trailers provide protection from elements. Climate-controlled variants keep cars isolated from outside temperatures. Slightly more expensive.
  • Exotic/Luxury Transport: Specialized enclosed carriers for high-value vehicles with extra security and climate controls. Most expensive option.

Company Reputation

Choosing a reputable transport company is important to ensure vehicles reach safely. Reviews on third party sites, membership in transport associations, experience provide reliable indicators. Unverified small firms should be avoided.

Cost Factors

  • Distance: Longer distances mean higher costs, usually $2-5 per mile on average.
  • Vehicle Size: Larger vehicles/SUVs have higher base rates than sedans. Extra fees may apply for oversized vehicles.
  • Door-to-Door Service: End-to-end delivery has additional pickup/drop charges but is convenient.
  • Expedited Transits: Rush deliveries in 3-5 days have premiums over standard 7-10 day trips.

On average, auto transport from northern to southern states ranges from $1000-2000 depending on the above factors. Getting multiple quotes helps find reasonably priced options.

Transport by Car Carrier Services

For a hands-free solution, car carrier services have expanded dropoff and pickup options for snowbirds. Here are the main types available:

  • Car Shipping Agents: Work with major transport providers but offer convenience of local pickup/dropoff of vehicles within scheduled time windows.
  • Vehicle Relocation Services: Specialist companies deliver vehicles anywhere in the country for one low fixed fee. Car is driven by their professional drivers team.
  • Car Haulers: Independent owner-operator truck drivers who transport vehicles as part of multi-drop loads. Cheaper but less reliable than dedicated carriers.
  • Car Shipping Clubs/Groups: Snowbird communities collaborate listings of shared transport services for reduced individual prices. Volume bundling benefits all members.

Car carrier services take the coordination hassle away. But higher degree of trust is required in leaving vehicles with unfamiliar drivers. Ensuring protection plans and open communication help address concerns.

Renting or Leasing in Florida

For snowbirds regularly splitting time in two locations, the added costs and logistics of transporting their vehicle each season becomes less practical long-term. Here are some smart alternatives:

  • Renting Seasonally: Rent compact cars for winter months through Hertz, Avis etc. No insurance/tax hassles and upfront car expenses. Downside is recurring rental charges.
  • Summer Lease Programs: Major brands offer 6-9 month leases for vehicles left in Florida during summer. Low monthly payments make this an affordable way to enjoy a car in both locations.
  • Peer-to-Peer Rentals: Services like Turo allow seasonal locals to list their personal vehicles for rent. Potential for cheaper daily rates than major chains.
  • Car-Sharing Services: Organizations in popular retirement communities offer valet-style access to shared fleets for short-term use by members.

Renting or leasing locally makes more sense for snowbirds spending extended periods down South every winter season. It alleviates challenges of car transport while still providing flexible wheeled mobility options.

Car Shipped To Another State – Parting Words

Getting vehicles transported to warmer climes ahead of winter involves overcoming logistical challenges but opens doors to leisure travel for snowbirds. While driving remains a popular DIY choice, auto transport services have solutions to deliver vehicles door-to-door safely and affordably.

In longer term, renting or leasing options in Florida also provide practical alternatives worth considering. With advance planning and selecting reliable transportation partners, snowbirds can drive into winter destinations with less hassles each year.