When joining the military, especially the army, one of the questions that often comes up is – does the army pay to ship my car? In this article, we will explore the different options available for shipping a personal vehicle and whether the army will cover any of the costs.

Options for shipping your car

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, there are a few different options available for getting your personal vehicle transported to your new duty station:

Personally procure a commercial carrier:

You can research and hire commercial auto transport companies yourself to ship your vehicle. This gives you flexibility but you have to pay upfront.

File for reimbursement:

After hiring a commercial carrier on your own, you can submit claims for reimbursement of reasonable costs under the JFTR. Reimbursement is not guaranteed and takes time.

Request installation transportation office assistance:

Your installation transportation office may be able to arrange shipment through the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) at no upfront cost to you. This is the easiest option.

Drive it yourself:

For shorter distances, it may be more cost effective to drive your own vehicle to the new duty station rather than ship it. You can claim mileage reimbursement.

So in summary – going through your installation transportation office via SDDC is the easiest path, but you have alternatives like reimbursing commercial carriers or driving it yourself in some cases.

What costs does the Army cover?

If your vehicle is shipped through your base, the following costs are typically covered by the army at no expense to you:

  • Transportation costs to physically move your vehicle from your current duty station to the new one. This includes the commercial auto transport fees.
  • Any vehicle processing fees charged by transporter for coordinating the shipment.
  • Limited temporary storage costs if necessary at either the origination or destination locations.

However, there are some additional associated costs that are not covered:

  • Fuel for driving to/from the shipping terminals.
  • Extended long term vehicle storage fees over 30 days if incurred.
  • Costs to prepare the vehicle for shipment like detailing, repairs, or gas fill ups.
  • Any damage claims resulting from shipping that exceed standard carrier liability limits.

So in summary – the bulk of actual transportation costs are paid, but you are on the hook for ancillary fuel, storage and preparation expenses in most cases. Reimbursement is also not a guaranteed option.

Need A Car On Campus

Steps to get the Army to ship your car

If you meet eligibility and want to utilize the shipment option for free army car shipping, here are the basic steps:

  • Contact your installation transportation office at least 60-90 days before your report date to initiate shipment request process.
  • Provide orders, vehicle make/model/VIN, license/registration, SCRA letter if applicable and insurance info.
  • Transportation office will schedule shipment date, give you routing and arrange pick up from your residence by commercial carrier.
  • On pick up day, verify inspection and seal vehicle for transport. Sign carrier paperwork and receive tracking.
  • Vehicle will be transported directly from your old installation to the new one.
  • Coordinate delivery at new installation transportation office for inspection and release to you.
  • Retain all receipt and paperwork in case claims are later needed for any shipment issues.

The transportation office handles it all as long as you started the process early. Be meticulous with paperwork in case problems arise later down the road.

Pros and cons of Army shipping your car

To summarize whether utilizing the SDDC is the best choice, here are some key pros and cons to consider:


  • Free for you – no out of pocket costs upfront or upon delivery at new duty station.
  • Convenient option arranged directly through your installations with minimal hassle.
  • Insured for full value through SDDC certified commercial carriers for door-to-door transport.


  • Timeline and scheduling may not align perfectly with your PCS dates and reporting requirements.
  • Limited or extended storage fees can still be incurred if pick up/delivery windows are missed.
  • Third party commercial carrier is still used so issues like damage claims take additional time to resolve.

So in most cases, the ease and zero cost nature of utilizing SDDC shipping outweighs the minor potential timing or problem resolution cons. But alternatives like reimbursing private carriers still exist if need be.

Military PCS Shipping Data Visualization

Military PCS Shipping Data Visualization

Military PCS Shipping Data Visualization involves collecting, analyzing, and presenting data related to military personnel moving their belongings during a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). This process allows military leaders to track and monitor the movement of equipment and household items belonging to service members as they transition to new duty stations.

By utilizing advanced tracking technology and software, Military PCS Shipping Data Visualization provides real-time insights into shipping routes, delivery times, and potential obstacles during relocation. This data visualization tool not only helps streamline logistics operations. It also, ensures a smooth transition for military families as they settle into their new homes.

Whether it’s monitoring the progress of a shipment or identifying areas for improvement in transportation infrastructure, Military PCS Shipping Data Visualization offers a comprehensive view of the moving process from start to finish.


In summary, the army will cover all transportation costs and arrange to ship your personal vehicle for you through the SDDC program, if you meet basic eligibility criteria around orders, rank and distance requirements. This is usually the most convenient no-cost option.

But you do still need to properly initiate the process several weeks in advance, stay on top of all paperwork, and be prepared to coordinate any additional expenses not covered like temporary storage or vehicle preparation costs.

Overall, for most active duty service members on regular PCS rotations. Having the army handle and pay for your car shipping through SDDC is a valuable benefit worth taking advantage of. Just be proactive and diligent through the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any specific requirements or documents needed when shipping a car with Ship Your Car?

A. Yes, when shipping a car with Ship Your Car, there are a few requirements and documents that are needed to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Firstly, you will need to provide information about the make and model of your car, as well as its current condition, so that we can determine the best method of shipping for your vehicle. Additionally, you will need to provide proof of ownership in the form of a title or registration document. Finally, depending on your destination and any international regulations, certain customs forms or permits may also be required. But don’t worry, our experienced team will guide you through the entire process and make sure all necessary steps are taken care of before your car is shipped safely and securely to its new destination.

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