Are you planning on moving to a new state and wondering how to transport your car across the country? Shipping your vehicle can be an excellent option for those who don’t want to drive long distances. But how much does it cost to ship a car across the country? Well, that depends on several factors that we’ll discuss in this blog post. By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision about shipping your car and avoid any unexpected costs along the way. So let’s dive in!

How much does it cost to ship a car to a different country?

Shipping a car to another country can be much more expensive than shipping it across the US. The cost of international car shipping varies depending on several factors such as distance, mode of transportation, and customs fees.

When shipping a car internationally, you have two options: RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) or container shipping. RoRo is typically the cheaper option as your vehicle will be driven onto and off the cargo ship using its own wheels. Container shipping is more expensive but offers added protection for your vehicle during transit.

The distance from the origin to destination port also plays a significant role in determining how much you’ll pay for international car shipping. Shipping a 4-door sedan from New York to London can cost anywhere between $1,200-$2,000 while transporting it from New York to Sydney could set you back around $3,500-$5,500.

Customs fees are another consideration when it comes to international car transport costs. These fees vary by country and are determined based on the value of your vehicle plus any applicable taxes or duties.

In summary, there’s no fixed price tag for international car transport due to various factors that affect pricing like distance covered, mode of transportation used and custom fees charged by respective governments.

How much would it cost to ship a car across the US?

When it comes to shipping a car across the US, there are several factors that can affect the cost. Distance is one of the most significant factors, as longer distances will naturally result in higher costs. The type of vehicle being shipped also plays a role, with larger and heavier vehicles costing more to transport.

Additionally, the time of year can impact pricing due to demand fluctuations. Shipping during peak season (typically summer months) may result in higher prices than during off-peak times.

The method of transportation also affects cost. Open-air carriers tend to be less expensive than enclosed carriers but offer less protection for your vehicle. Enclosed carriers can provide extra security and protection against weather conditions but come at a higher price point.

It’s important to consider any additional services you may need such as door-to-door delivery or expedited shipping options which can increase overall costs.

Determining the exact cost of shipping your car across country will depend on these various factors and should be researched thoroughly before selecting a carrier.

Can a car be shipped to another country?

If you’re planning to move abroad and want to take your car with you, you may be wondering if it’s possible to ship it overseas. Fortunately, the answer is yes – cars can definitely be shipped to other countries! However, the process involves a lot of planning and preparation.

The first thing you’ll need to do is research the specific regulations for shipping vehicles in the country where you’ll be living. Some countries have strict rules about importing cars that don’t meet certain safety or emissions standards. You may also need to obtain special permits or pay additional taxes or fees.

Once you’ve determined that shipping your car is feasible, you’ll need to find a reputable auto transport company that offers international shipping services. They will handle all aspects of getting your vehicle from its current location to its new destination, including arranging for customs clearance and transportation by sea or air.

It’s important to note that international car shipping can be quite expensive due to all the logistics involved. Costs will vary depending on factors such as distance traveled, type of vehicle being shipped, and any extra services requested (such as door-to-door delivery). Be sure to get multiple quotes from different companies before making a decision.

In summary, while it is possible to ship a car internationally, there are many factors that come into play when doing so. It’s essential that individuals looking into this option carefully research both their destination country’s regulations and potential auto transport providers in order ensure they make informed decisions throughout the process.

How do I prepare my car for cross country shipping?

In summary, shipping your car across the country or even to another country can be a daunting process. However, understanding the factors that influence the cost and being prepared can make it a smoother experience.

When preparing your car for cross-country shipping, ensure that you clean both the interior and exterior of your vehicle thoroughly. Remove all personal items from the car and document any existing damage before handing it over to the auto transport company.

It’s also essential to disable security systems, remove any loose parts such as spoilers or antennas and empty fuel tanks down to no more than a quarter full. Don’t forget about checking tire pressure and battery charge levels as well.

By following these steps, you’ll help protect your vehicle during transit while ensuring its safe arrival at its destination.

Remember always to choose an experienced auto transport company with excellent customer service reviews when looking for a reliable partner in moving your vehicle across countries. With careful preparation, patience throughout the process and professional support from trusted carriers like Nexus Auto Transport team; transporting cars nationwide or internationally doesn’t have to be stressful!


– Cost-effective solution for shipping a car across country
– Quick and efficient transit times
– Reliable and secure transportation
– Ability to track the shipment’s progress
– Potential discounts for multiple vehicles


– Can be expensive depending on the distance and size of the car
– Restrictions on certain types of vehicles
– Risk of damage to the car during transit
– Potential delays due to weather or mechanical issues
– Risk of theft or vandalism during transit


1. How much does it cost to ship a car across country?

Answer: The cost of shipping a car across country can vary depending on the size and weight of your vehicle, the distance it needs to be shipped, and any special shipping services you may require. You should expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $2,000 for standard auto transport services.

2. What factors determine the cost of shipping a car across country?

Answer: The cost of shipping a car across country is determined by several factors, including the size and weight of your car, the distance it needs to be shipped, and any special services you may request (e.g. enclosed transport, expedited delivery).

3. Are there discounts available when shipping a car across country?

Answer: Yes, many auto transport companies offer discounts for multiple vehicle shipments, military personnel, and students. You may also be able to find promotional deals or discounted rates if you book early or during off-peak times.


1. Cost of car shipping depends on the distance of the move, size and weight of the car, and type of shipping service chosen.
2. Auto transport companies offer open and enclosed shipping options.
3. Open shipping is the most common and least expensive option for vehicle transport.
4. The average cost of shipping a car across the country is around $1,000 to $2,500, depending on the size and weight of the vehicle.
5. Longer distances will cost more, with rates ranging from $1.50 to $3.50 per mile.
6. The cost will also depend on whether you choose door-to-door transport or terminal-to-terminal transport.
7. Door-to-door shipping is more convenient, but more expensive than terminal-to-terminal shipping.
8. If you choose door-to-door shipping, the cost of fuel and tolls may be added to the overall cost.
9. Additional fees may also apply if the car needs to be loaded onto the truck by a winch or crane.
10. Insurance is also included in the cost of shipping a car.