Shipping a car from one side of the country to another can seem like a daunting task, but with the right transport company it does not need to be Cost to Ship a Car.

This article will outline the different factors that determine the cost of shipping a car from California to New York, including vehicle size and weight, shipping method, additional services, as well as provide average cost estimates. Tips for finding affordable shipping rates will also be shared.

By understanding the intricacies of auto transport rates, homeowners can make informed decisions on whether or not vehicle shipping is a financially feasible option for their needs.

Vehicle Size and Weight

One of the primary determinants of auto transport costs is the size and weight of the vehicle being shipped. Larger vehicles tend to be more expensive to haul than compacts due to taking up more space on transport trucks.

Luxury SUVs and full-size trucks usually incur higher rates than smaller sedans. Homeowners can obtain rate quotes specifying the make, model, year of their vehicle for the most accurate pricing.

Shipping Method

There are two main methods for transporting vehicles across the country – enclosed and open transport.

Enclosed transport provides protection from the elements by fully enclosing vehicles in a secured trailer. This option tends to be more expensive but provides peace of mind against potential weather or road damage.

Open transport involves securing vehicles to carrier racks which are exposed during transit. It presents potential risk of elements but rates are generally lower with open shipping.

Cost to Ship a Car – Additional Services

Beyond basic door-to-door transport, auto carriers often offer value-added services for extra fees like expedited delivery schedules, liftgate service for loading/unloading, convenience delivery locations, and pre-sale delivery.

Last minute or rush orders typically have elevated prices as well. Homeowners can save money by planning shipping well in advance and forgoing unnecessary extras.

Table of Average Cost Estimates

Vehicle Type Shipping Method Estimated Cost Range
Compact Car Enclosed $1,100 – $1,300
Mid-Size SUV Open $1,250 – $1,450
Full-Size Truck Enclosed $1,500 – $1,800

Cost to Ship a Car – Additional Factors Affecting Rate

Beyond the primary determinants already outlined, other nuances can impact auto transport cost quotes:

  • Rush fees for expedited schedules within 1-2 weeks
  • Busier summer season may be slightly more expensive
  • Rates vary based on origin/drop off points
  • Carrier reputation
  • Industry leaders often have competitive premium services

Tips for Finding Affordable Rates

To help ensure getting the best value on an auto transport shipment, homeowners can implement the following strategies:

  • Get quotes from 3-5 reputable companies to compare pricing options
  • Inquire about discounts for multi-vehicle households or return customers
  • Ask carriers about opportunities to save through value packages
  • Avoid top-dollar services unless critically necessary for the move
  • Negotiate rates, as competition often allows for flexible discounts

Cost to Ship a Car – Parting Words:

Relocating a vehicle across the country is no small feat, but with thorough research homeowners can find a transport solution that safely and affordably fits their shipping needs. Taking time to understand the various intricacies that influence cost will empower intelligent decision making.

By gaining multiple estimates and leveraging negotiation techniques, budget-conscious auto owners can feel confident opting for vehicle shipping when relocating from California to New York or beyond.