Shipping a vehicle from one state to another requires proper planning and research to select the most affordable transportation option Transporting A Vehicle. This article provides an overview of average costs involved and factors that influence pricing when transporting a car from Massachusetts to Florida.

Transporting A Vehicle – Methods of Vehicle Transportation

There are generally two main methods for shipping a car between these states – open and enclosed auto transport.

Open Car Transport

Open carrier vehicles have spaces to secure multiple vehicles in the open, tied down with straps and chains. Cars are exposed to weather elements during transit. This is the most budget-friendly option, averaging $800-$1,200 depending on the vehicle size, make and destination within Florida.

Enclosed Transportation

Enclosed transporters fully enclose each vehicle in a secure metal container mounted on a truck trailer. This protects the car from rain, debris, small airborne particles and other potential hazards. Rates are usually $1,200-$1,800 due to additional costs for the enclosed container rental and specialized equipment to load and unload.

Transporting A Vehicle – Factors Affecting Pricing


The farther the travel distance, the higher the transportation fees tend to be. Shipping from Massachusetts to North Florida cities like Jacksonville costs less than transporting to South Florida regions like Miami or Tampa at the other end of the state.

Vehicle Size

Larger and heavier vehicles cost more to ship as they take up additional space. Compact cars have the most competitive rates while larger SUVs, trucks and luxury vehicles have higher tariffs.


Summer months between May and September see increased demand which drives up average prices. Scheduling transport during the off-peak seasons of fall, winter or early spring could help save some money.

Carrier Reputation

Reputable transportation companies with better quality services, safety records and on-time delivery history may have nominally higher fees than new or unreliable operators.

Transporting A Vehicle – Additional Fees

Most auto transporters charge supplementary costs for mileage outside a set radius from origin or destination, tolls/border crossings, vehicle weighing, extended wait times and other such variables. These extras rarely exceed a few hundred dollars unless special circumstances apply.

Getting Quotes and Insuring the Shipment

Table 1 lists a few ways to request free quotes for auto transport:

Method Description
Online Forms Websites like and have digital forms to fill
Phone Calls Talking to transportation coordinators on the phone is another way
Email Inquiries Sending vehicle/shipment details to carrier emails works too

Reputable companies will provide proof of cargo insurance coverage. It is also advisable to get separate transit insurance to protect against unforeseen risks en route.

Sample Massachusetts to Florida Car Shipping Cost Estimate

As an example, shipping a mid-size Toyota Camry sedan from Boston to Miami using open transport could cost around $1,050 on average. An enclosed container for the same vehicle and route may be priced at $1,450. Actual rates may vary based on precise pickup/delivery locations and other specifics.

Transporting A Vehicle – Conclusion

Transporting a car from Massachusetts to Florida involves expenses in the range of $800-1,800 depending mainly on vehicle characteristics, distance, season, transport method chosen and carrier reputation. Doing comprehensive research assists in balancing price, quality, schedule and insurance to make a well-informed selection.